Meet our education team

Training we provide is 100% matched to market needs.

Our learning model is built on the partnerships we build with industry, and our partners co-operate closely in the creation of our curriculum content, working both in-house and from various companies.

Our graduates not only complete the course, but also find a job or get promoted on graduation. This drives us to ensure that all of the training we provide is 100% matched to market needs.

Learning methodology and the curriculum team

Here at Turing College we believe that IT education providers and the tech industry should work together to find innovative ways to adapt to the fast-growing demand for versatile data science and full-stack programming professionals.

That’s why the team behind our curriculum is composed of a nexus of IT experts from the worlds of education, R&D and business. Their combined experience and know-how lies at the heart of our innovative study program.

Senior Team Leads (STL’s)

Our senior team leaders are industry professionals who are currently working but dedicate their time and effort to mentor Turing College learners when needed.

As supervisors, our STL’s are available for consultations, project reviews, and to provide feedback.

STL’s and Mentors

Data scientists who are actively involved in our learning process, either as Senior Team Leads (STL’s) or as Mentors.

Mike Jin

Mike is a preceptor at Harvard, and works as a Machine Learning Engineer at Centaur Labs. As a result, he has experience with data science in both academia and industry. He also boasts extensive teaching and mentorship experience, and enjoys helping learners achieve their academic and career goals.

Dalia Jankevičiūtė

Digital publishing and monetization specialist working with the biggest publishers in the Baltic region at Google. A professional coach, specializing in career and motivation, passionate about women empowerment and technology.

Renaldas Zioma

Renaldas combines machine learning, computer graphics and game development in his (mostly research-based) role at Unity Technologies. He has worked on bringing Unity’s engine to mobiles, and developed AAA games at Electronic Arts.

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Deividas Skiparis
Senior Team Lead

Deividas is a machine learning engineer at Vinted. Studied Masters in AI in Barcelona. A career changer - worked for over 7 years in the aerospace industry and graduated aerospace engineering at top of the class.

Udeme Udofia
Senior Team Lead

Udeme is a data scientist at Nielsen. He also started a YouTube channel (Data Rantz) where he explains the basic concepts in Data Science.

Romanas Zontovičius

Romanas’ vision is to build bridges between the Bay Area and the Baltics. He has over 10 years’ experience in Silicon Valley, including at Waymo (Google’s autonomous vehicles project), Getjar, Spigot and Nextury Ventures.

Tomas Šostak
Senior Team Lead

Tomas is a data scientist at Vinted and holds a double MSc in Data Science. His background is in computer science so he still loves to contribute to open source, and he also co-founded a web development agency.

Agnė Nainytė

Agnė is a Digital Transformation Consultant at Schuberg Philis, a self-steering organization where she serves as a Business IT translator to various multinational clients in The Netherlands. Prior to this, Agne worked in transformation programs at Philips and Maersk.

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Piotras Cimmperman
Senior Team Lead

Piotras works for Vinted as machine learning engineer. He has 20 years’ experience in R&D including modeling, data analysis and machine learning.

Maynk Yadav

Technical Program Manager at Google focusing on managing large scale cross-functional projects. Prior to Google, Maynk has worked across different industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Consumer Healthcare and Biopharmaceuticals. He has a background in engineering and business management.

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Raminta Urbonavičiūtė
Senior Team Lead

Machine learning engineer at Geomatrix. Member of the winner team using Deep learning techniques in ‘Inovacijos dirbtuvės Spring 2020’.

Kevin Nourian

Kevin is a Python developer and trainer. He holds degrees in software engineering, liberal arts, mathematics and spiritual psychology. He combines his technical knowledge with strong mentoring skills honed as a STEM teacher to help learners realize their dreams of becoming data scientists.

Povilas Gudžius

Working with NYC Hedge Funds and Silicon Valley tech firms. 12 years in FinTech and 5th year as PhD researcher at VU DMSTI, Cognitive Computing Group. His recent work on Deep Learning-based object recognition in Satellite Imagery (link) was nominated as one of the top papers in 2021 by the LT AI Association.

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Dominykas Šeputis
Senior Team Lead

Machine Learning Engineer working at Vinted. Spents most of his day working on Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing tasks.

Simas Paulikas

Currently works as a Software Engineer at Maxex. Formerly Data Engineer at Barbora. Degree in Economics and Finance from University of Aberdeen.

Adomas Lingevičius
Senior Team Lead

Adomas is a data scientist at WePower and has a masters degree in applied mathematics from Kaunas University of Technology.

Peter Klemens Grafe

Data Scientist at Tesla, Co-Founder of Low Heat Collective and ProgramEURs. He has an economics and business analytics background graduating from the Rotterdam School of Business (RSM). He'll help you understand the culture at Tesla and dive deeper into the required skill sets.

Ajibola Ladoja
Senior Team Lead

Ajibola is a data analytics professional that has worked in several industries such as telecommunication, retail and financial services and is currently working with Western Union (Pricing and Customer Analytics team). She holds an MBA in business analytics and loves to find simple but creative solutions using data to aid business decisions.

Balys Valatkevičius
Senior Team Lead

Balys is a Data Analyst at Bite Lietuva and SQL developer at LRS. Studied Telecommunications Physics and Electronics at Vilnius University.

Curriculum team

IT experts from the worlds of education, R&D and business.

Giedrius Žebrauskas
Head of Education

As CTO, Giedrius led ed-tech projects ranging from global startups (Westudysmart) to market-leading platforms (EDUKA). He also has worked as a lead web developer at Western Union and co-founded the web development agency, Appmakers. Giedrius is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh where he finished with First Class Honours in Computer Science.

Dovydas Čeilutka
Lead of Data Science

Director of Data Science & Analytics at Vinted, where he leads a team working on various machine learning projects. Dovydas is President of the Artificial Intelligence Association of Lithuania and a founder of Tribe of AI, an artificial intelligence learning community.

Justas Mikaliūnas
Lead of Data Analytics

Full stack data professional who worked in various positions at Western Union, Vinted, Trafi, Telia and Wix. Currently leading data engineering team at Wix. Philosophy, Politics and Economics graduate from York University and Computer Modelling graduate from Vilnius University.

Jannes Klaas

Data scientist at QuantumBlack and the author of Machine Learning for Finance. He has a background in financial economics with a degree from Oxford University.

Sam Morgan

Sam is a hybrid tech, education, and product expert. He helped build Makers, Europe’s first software bootcamp, as Head of Education and Head of Product. His background is in software engineering, teaching, and startups.

Mindaugas Jonikas

PhD candidate at the University of Oxford. He, in collaboration with scientists at the Broad Institute, is developing deep learning and data science methods to detect and unbiasedly characterise neurons involved in Parkinson’s disease. In addition, he led various data science consultancy projects and published results in high impact journals.

Gediminas Kalnutis
Content creator, STL

Data Analyst at Omnisend, where he works on various data analysis related projects, including developing internal BI Platform. Has almost 10 years of experience as an Analyst / Data Scientist from various industries ranging from digital advertising to banks under his belt.

Paulius Velesko

Application engineer on computational performance at Intel. Worked on optimising ADCIRC (storm surge hydrology), XGC1 (particle-in-cell plasma fusion), and DEVITO (compiler for stencil DSL).

Oleg Mirzianov

Life-long learner and PhD candidate at Vilnius University, as well as the best lecturer in Vilnius University in 2018. Former Head of Education at Turing School. Computer science lecturer at Vilnius, ISM universities.

Rimvydas Rubavicius

PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh working at the intersection of computational linguistics and autonomous agents. Worked on deploying IT infrastructure at scale in CERN.

Indrė Montvilaitė
STL, Content creator

Data Scientist at Swedbank, focusing on fraud and money laundering detection. Indre has a Master in Econometrics and has been working with data since then.

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