How it works

What sets Turing College apart from its competitors is its innovative approach to learning. Our methodology involves short intensive sprints inspired by the Agile method that is used by such industry leaders as Google, Apple and Facebook.

Admissions đź“ť

Our 3-part application process requires you to first complete an application form, then take part in a remote video interview and have a call with our admissions team member (if needed).

Once all this is done, we’ll contact you with our decision. To ensure you’re prepared, check out this Quick guide on how to prepare for Turing College.

Who will be my peers?

We understand that the quality of your peers highly impacts your learning experience. That's why we admit only the top 10% of candidates. We are a hub for high-achievers who inspire each other to be better tomorrow than they were today.

You’ll be placed in a cohort of 30 learners at the beginning of your studies. With this group you’ll be able to build lasting bonds, network and have fun. And you don’t need to worry about matching your group’s study pace - you’ll be able to learn at your own speed.

Learning đź“š

Each sprint starts off with you learning the material provided. Depending on the program, you’ll have 9-24 learning sprints.

(the time it takes to complete a sprint can vary)

Pay for skills, not content

We cut through the noise of bootcamps by providing you with real-life skills by maximizing hours of practice and personal feedback.

Programs use curated material selected by our content teams from carefully selected, top resources online. The content isn’t unique, but it works the best. We only create study material when we can’t find anything that meets our high quality standards online.

Learn by teaching others

Our teaching prioritizes the kind of practical skills you need to solve problems as a tech professional. And to ensure that your skills are as solid as they can be, we’ll have you review the work of junior students.

Why do we do this? Because only when you know you have to teach others, do you really learn your subject inside out. This theory even has a name - the Protégé Effect.

Learn anywhere, anytime

That’s right, we have no lectures. This means that you can organize a study schedule that works for you.

Join a supportive community

You will have regular weekly standups. These meetings provide you with the opportunity to share, and discuss topics and problems with senior industry professionals.

If you need any more support, there are regular drop in sessions. Here, our top learners will be on hand to guide and consult you.

That’s not all. Our community of 300+ learners is always there for you to share ideas and ask questions.

You will get:

Community chat


Open sessions

Gain real-world work experience

Our learning method replicates the real-world tech team experience by providing personalized feedback on projects every week from senior colleagues and managers.

On top of technical feedback and guidance, you get 1on1 coaching aimed at helping you to become a better professional. No other online tech school offers such a model.

Junior team lead

The best senior students become Junior Team Leads, trained to provide close to professional-level support. These students get an additional scholarship for these activities.

Senior team lead

Senior technical industry professionals, who guides your cohort with group meetings & does 1on1 project assessments. Our Senior Team Leads worked in companies like Wix, Amazon, Google, etc.

Senior learner

Our students who are in the later stages of the program and who have already successfully completed the project that you are currently working on. These students will be able to do 1-on-1 project assessments for you.

Career coach

Your coach will help you personalize your pitch and job search strategy, and give you resume feedback. They will also help you by conducting simulated tech and HR job interviews.

Industry mentors

Your mentor from companies like Google, Amazon, etc., will guide you by answering questions and providing career advice. One-off mentorship meetings are organized with these specialists every couple of months for students who are interested in it.

Projects đź“‹

Each sprint ends with a project that resembles a practical, real-life challenge from the industry. Our tech career programs have 9 to 24 practical projects. That’s 2-3x more than other bootcamps offer!

Here are few examples:

Identifying trends of marketing campaigns on an ecommerce site

Data Analytics

Perform exploratory data analysis on a large dataset of educational courses

Data Science

Use machine learning to create a model which would allow predicting the risk of a stroke in patients

Data Science

Analyzing and effectively presenting findings based on how much time it takes users to make purchases on your website

Data Analytics

Create a fully working DApp

Web 3

Creating an interactive dashboard to track daily payments data

Data Analytics

Project reviews 🔍

Once you've completed a project, you’ll be given two 1-on-1 assessments (usually with a Senior Team Lead, Junior Team Lead, or senior student). This process has been designed to replicate the kind of review you’ll get at most tech companies.

How it works:

Complete the project

Get project review 1

1on1 with Senior team lead

Get project review 2

1on1 with Junior team lead or senior student

Next sprint

(If both reviews are passed)

Career đź’Ľ

Once you’ve completed your technical skills training, our career program can help you prepare for the next stage in your career.

We aim to make you job-ready.

Our in-house hiring managers will help you to build and refine your resume, portfolio, and social media profile.

We’ll also give mock interviews and coaching sessions that are designed to help you prepare for both technical and behavioral job interviews.

We will help with:

Resume & portfolio prep

Career coaching

Mock interviews

Insights on hiring trends & salaries

Flexible graduation

Learn at your convenience with our flexible platform online program schedule. Access pre-recorded material wherever and whenever via our learning platform.

Our students dedicate between 15-40 focused hours per week to their studies.. This means that you can choose how fast or slow you want to graduate. We won’t stop you working harder.

Important: your learning speed is a very personal thing and relates to your prior experience, learning style, sleep, your daily job and other things you do in life. For most learners, 15 hours isn't enough to keep up with their desired learning speed, so we recommend being very realistic about your commitment to learn.

Note: If you’re paying full tuition, you can also move slower and finish several months later. Scholarship recipients have minimum speed requirements.


Upon completing the program, you will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate serves as a proof of the skills and knowledge you've acquired.

Ready to start learning?