Turing College isn’t just an online bootcamp

On top of the training, you will join a like-minded community, get a personal improvement plan and access our exclusive career opportunities. Upgrade your skills, form meaningful relationships, and enter the next chapter of your career.

A student journey consist of 3 steps:



Submit the application form found on the course page. It’s fast and free, and we’ll process your application immediately.


Next, you will have an interview and a technical challenge. Keep in mind that for some courses, only an interview is needed. Check a course page to learn more about the concrete process.


We’ll inform you if you’re eligible for a scholarship. If we can’t offer you a scholarship, you’ll be able to choose from a range of payment plans.


Our education is different

100% online and accessible 24/7

Created with tech companies and tech leads

No lectures, only discussions

On-demand 1on1 mentorship and feedback

Apprenticeship-based learning model - you’ll learn the way you’re going to work

Learn at your own pace

Does mentorship really matter? The data is here.

Mentorship provides a serious edge. This is why Turing College offers on-demand 1-on-1 mentorship for every project you do together with career mentorship.


Professionals that participate in a mentorship program are five times more likely to be promoted and get a pay raise than those who don’t.1


of professionals think mentors are important, but only 37% have one.2


Students, who receive a 1on1 mentorship and practice mastery of learning, perform better than 98% of the students in the control class.3

Having a mentor has been proven to:

Speed up career advancement

Accelerate salary growth

Increase professional satisfaction

Improve physical health

Boost self-esteem

Build interpersonal skills

1 Linkedin, 2019

2 Forbes, 2019

3 Bloom 2 sigma problem

Yes, we provide diplomas, but it’s your skills that will speak for themselves

100% of your time at Turing College is dedicated to project work

You get a practical project you have no skills to complete, and then get access to the materials that equip you with those skills.

At least 3 capstone projects

In the career course, for capstone project you select the topic or do an apprenticeship-like module. This ensures that you stand out from the alumni of other schools.

Personal 1-on-1 code review

For every project, you will receive a personal 1-on-1 code review and personal feedback on where to improve. For example, in a data analytics career course, students get ~20 code reviews per course!

Career upgrade

Once you’re done learning technical skills, you can go through our career program that prepares you for your next chapter of your career and provides exclusive opportunities.

Meet with a career coach 1-on-1 during the course.

Join group coaching sessions to get feedback and network with our community.

Work with our in-house hiring managers to build and refine your resume, portfolio, and social media profiles.

If you’re switching companies, our mock interviews will prepare you for both behavioral and technical interviews.

Access our insights on hiring trends, salaries, etc.