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What is the UŽT training budget?

The UŽT training budget is a budget that every working and non-working resident of Lithuania can apply to and, once confirmed, use to upskill or change career in tech. With this budget, any Lithuanian has an opportunity to cover up to 4,200 € of tuition for courses at Turing College! Here are UŽT funding requirements that you should be aware of.

UŽT provides a monthly learning scholarship

If you use UŽT funding, they provide a monthly learning scholarship.

  • If you’re unemployed  - 420 Eur or the amount of your social unemployment insurance.

  • If you’re employed – 252 Eur.

Additionally, you can get a Turing College Junior Team Lead scholarship of up to 300 Eur. Learn more here.

Am I eligible for UŽT funding?

You most likely are if you live in Lithuania! Here are the criteria:

  • You’re resident in Lithuania

  • You're between the ages of 18 and 67

  • You haven't used UŽT funding in last 12 months

How to get funding?

A step by step guide towards UŽT funded learning.

1. Apply to Turing College

Check available courses

2. Pass Turing College admissions

Get approval email from us.

3. Apply to UŽT

You can do it by contacting number 1883. Funding details

4. Ask UŽT

To fund your learning at Turing College's chosen course.

5. Get signed documents from UŽT

Signed document from UŽT is a “coupon”.

6. Send documents to Turing College!

Begin your studies at the upcoming batch start date.

Have more questions? Reach out to us:

Programs funded by UŽT

(application - data analytics)

Code: 223002597

Average duration:

3 months

You will be learning:
  • Core analyst toolkit

  • Analyzing business problems

View full curriculum
2950 €

100% funded by Užimtumo tarnyba.
Special terms apply.


(application - data science)

Code: 223002527

Average duration:

6 months

You will be learning:
  • Data Wrangling with Python

  • Statistical modeling, SQL

View full curriculum
3560 €

100% funded by Užimtumo tarnyba.
Special terms apply.



If I have participated in UŽT courses before, can I sponsor Turing College courses?

If you completed the last UŽT-funded courses 12 months ago or more, you’re eligible to get UŽT funding to learn at Turing College for free.

My consultant at UŽT informed me that I could get funding from UŽT only if I graduated from the program this year. Can you explain this situation?

You need to finish only 1st module of the Data Analytics course by the end of 2022 to get UŽT funding. Our students complete 1st module in a max of up to 2 months if they follow our learning recommendation.

What to do if my consultant claims I’m not eligible for UŽT financing?

If you meet all the formal criteria noted above on the page, it might be that you got assigned to a consultant that isn’t up to date with the newest changes in UŽT course funding. Call 1883 and share who’s your consultant and explain the situation. It’s super clear that you’re eligible for financing here.

My consultant asks to provide a modernization plan for the company. What to do?

You shouldn’t be asked to provide a modernization plan if you want to enroll in our program. Call 1883 and share who’s your consultant and explain the situation. They should help you to resolve the problem with your consultant.

My consultant asks to increase the salary by 30% once I finish courses. What to do?

It isn’t needed; it was before a new law that was issued in June, 2022. Forward such cases to

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"Turing College is for those who want to master data science."

Edvard Sivickij

Graduated: 2022

"After the course, I was able to get into work and solve real business problems easily."

Ovidijus Kuzminas

Graduated: 2021

"Turing College changed my life forever! Studying at Turing College was one of the best things that happened to me in 2021."

Linda Oranya

Graduated: 2021

“Ideal if you want to kickstart your career in Data Science.”

Romanas Grigorjevas

Graduated: 2021

"Excellent curriculum with even better community."

Titas Janušonis

Graduated: 2022

“Amazing, the program has been rewarding in every sense of it.”

Ifeoma Okoh

Graduated: 2021

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