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Romanas Zontovičius
Application Engineer
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The mastery of peer-to-peer learning and 1on1 tutoring is 98% more effective than “traditional classroom” alternatives.

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For me, it's all about flexibility. Being able to adapt a learning pace to your life rhythm makes you more productive in the long run. Also, since community plays a big role in the data science learning process, intellectual communication between peers and STL’s really does enhance the whole experience and provides long-term connections.”

Kristina Grigaitytė

“For me, TC is a facilitator for my personality. Even though I was accepted with limited knowledge of hard skills, by performing well, I was selected for a learners' team lead position, in which I am exposed to leadership skills development. TC pushes me to develop my hard skills and build good habits that stick, such as time management, process management, and communication, to name a few.”

Mantas Pieža

There is everything to love about Turing College. From the amazing feeling of being part of a large community that cares, to the self-paced learning. I'm learning with TC that data science involves having hard skills but also that soft skills are highly important.”

Fortune Uwha