Data Science

The course replicates how real teams work in AI and Data Science. This includes projects, standups, sprints, code reviews, retrospectives, and 1on1s.

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"Good data scientists are in huge demand. Turing College is a place to become one."

- Dovydas Čeilutka, ML team lead at Vinted

Training we provide is 100% matched to market needs.

Our curriculum is co-created with leading tech companies, so learning aligns with their hiring needs and meets industry demands. Our courses use Python, and its most popular libraries, such as pandas, seabord, matplotlib, NumPy, TensorFlow, etc.

Learning is self-paced, so you will be working in batches but will progress at your speed. You get at least 3 hours of consultations with industry specialists per week and all the support you need from the rest of our community - the Turing College staff and the current learners.

Data Visualization
Linear Algebra
Statistics & Modeling
Team Work
Soft Skills
Machine Learning


Completing a course usually takes 9-12 months, but you can progress as fast as you like, and some experienced software engineers have completed 1,000 hours of coursework in 6 months. Conversely, learners who are transitioning to data science from other fields, and lack fundamentals in maths or statistics, can go slowly and build solid foundations in these areas.

Work ready in 6-9 months
Work ready in 9-12 months

What Will
You Learn?

Data Wrangling with Python

Advanced Python, Data Processing, Intro to EDA, Basic Visualisations and Charting, Linear Algebra Basics

Data Analysis

SQL For Data Analysis, Advanced Visualisations and Charting, Inferential Statistical Analysis, Statistical Modelling, Linear Models

Machine Learning

Tree-Based Models, Applied Modelling, Intro to Tensorflow, Intro to Time Series Analysis

Deep Learning

Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Practical Deep Learning, TensorFlow

Individual Specialisation Module

An in-house apprenticeship program that focuses on building real-world projects with hiring partners for our learners.

Turing College‘s curriculum team

Machine learning team lead at Vinted, where he leads a team working on various machine learning projects. Dovydas is President of the Artificial Intelligence Association of Lithuania and a founder of Tribe of AI, an artificial intelligence learning community.

As CTO, Giedrius led ed-tech projects ranging from global startups (Westudysmart) to market-leading platforms (EDUKA). He also has worked as a lead web developer at Western Union and co-founded the web development agency, Appmakers. Giedrius is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh where he finished with First Class Honours in Computer Science.

Industry professionals support

Each learner gets regular industry professionals guidance from our staff, and Senior Team Leads or mentors, working professionals in the data science field from Waymo, Unity, and many more.

Peer to peer learning

We have a diverse community, enabling mutual support. Those with backgrounds in maths and statistics can help those with a pure coding background, and those with experience in business can support soft skill.

Scholarships for promising learners

Learners at Turing College who perform in the top 10% of their batch are eligible to receive a 300* Euro monthly scholarship during their studies and become Junior Team Leads (JTL’s). JTL’s also get exclusive mentorship from senior team leads.

*taxes may apply based on your country of residence

Projects reviewed by
industry professionals

During the Individual Specialization Module (ISM), learners’ projects can be reviewed by data science specialists from our Hiring Partners. Learners can get project reviews, ongoing, accurate, personalized feedback, or career advice. Expand your professional network and get direct access to experienced data scientists.

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