Data Science

Our learning methodology replicates how teams work in AI and Data Science. This includes standups, 1-on-1s with seniors, exchanging feedback and a focus on project work.

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Next start date
12 Jul 2021
Addmissions deadline
31 Mar 2021

"Good data scientists are in huge demand. Turing College is a place to become one."

- Dovydas Čeilutka, ML team lead at Vinted

Ready to Take Your Career to the Next Level?

Learn Anywhere

Our course is remote-friendly and done entirely on our unique platform.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Study in batches, give peer reviews and get reviewed; participate in standups, 1-on-1s, exchange feedback, and work closely with industry professionals.

Soft Skills

Our course doesn't focus only on developing hard skills. Cultivating your soft skills is critical for working in a team with any tech company.

Scholarships for Promising Learners

Learners at Turing College who perform in the top 10% of their batch are eligible to receive a 300* Euro monthly scholarship during their studies. This is to invest in their potential as team leads. These noted learners will also get exclusive mentorship from a senior team lead.
*taxes may apply based on your country of residence

Career in Data Science

Turing College and our Hiring Partners are interested in your success. Not only is the course co-created by the tech industry but also mimics the real-life conditions of working in a team. Upon graduation, you will create a project portfolio employers will love and your performance data report will be shared with our family of Hiring Partners. Turing College will ensure your start as a data scientist.

Self-Paced Learning

The estimated amount of time to finish the program varies. Our full-time learners can sometimes finish our course in as little as 6 months, part timers - in 9 months. You can discuss your own expected graduation time during the admissions interview. These are benchmarks. Though your study is as a batch, you can progress faster. If you need a slower pace this can be accommodated as well.

6 months
Start date
12 Jul 2021
Admissions deadline
31 Mar 2021
9 months
Start date
12 Jul 2021
Admissions deadline
31 Mar 2021

What Will
You Learn?

6 month course

Data Science Fundamentals

Data Wrangling and Storytelling, Statistical Tests and Experiments, Linear Algebra.

Data Engineering

Software Engineering, SQL and Databases, Deploying Machine Learning Models.

Machine Learning

Linear Models, Tree-Based Models and Applied Modelling.

Deep Learning

Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Practical Deep Learning.

Individual Specialisation Module

Participate in our in-house apprenticeship by building a real-world project in a small team. Also, choose a real-world project from a hiring partner's technological stack.

What Else Will You Learn in the Process?

Take a look at the powerful skills you will learn to boost your career.

Data Visualization
Linear Algebra
Statistics & Modeling
Team Work
Soft Skills
Machine Learning

Prepared by Industry Leaders

Machine learning team lead at Vinted, where he leads a team working on various machine learning projects. Dovydas is President of the Artificial Intelligence Association of Lithuania and a founder of Tribe of AI, an artificial intelligence learning community.

As CTO, Giedrius led ed-tech projects ranging from global startups (Westudysmart) to market-leading platforms (EDUKA). He also has worked as a lead web developer at Western Union and co-founded the web development agency, Appmakers. Giedrius is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh where he finished with First Class Honours in Computer Science.

Our Admission Process

Take a look at our three-step procedure.


Just fill in some basic information out and send.


We will send you a task to test your programming knowledge. For those who do not know how to code, we offer a non-coding challenge challenge.


We will ask you some questions to learn more about your traits and goals.


After the evaluation process, you will receive a decision. Congratulations! You made it!

Tuition options

Income Share Agreement (ISA)

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) allows learners to pay a small percentage of their future income in the field of data science to Turing College.

0 €
upfront + ISA
About ISA

Upfront Payment

There is no problem with paying upfront. During the admissions process notify us if you would like to pay upfront instead of signing an ISA.

5,000 €

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