We are an online coding & data career school. We prepare work-ready talent, who deliver from day 1. We’re on the path to having 1000 students.

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Executive Summary

We train talent to be work-ready in Data Science, Analytics, Web Development from day one and provide a unique database for engineers recruitment.

Recruiting and onboarding IT talent is a time-consuming and unpredictable process for companies. Turing College solves this problem by creating curricula with tech-oriented companies who join as Hiring Partners.

As learners progress through the self-paced, peer-to-peer learning platform, every effort is given to replicate a real working environment. This prepares them to be work-ready on day one. Hiring Partners to get exclusive access to rich performance data and the portfolios of projects from each learner. This enables them to make fast, data-driven hiring decisions.


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The Founders

Lukas Kaminskis

Cofounder & CEO

Lukas created his first coding bootcamp at 16 years old. At 22, he became a lecturer in software engineering at ISM international university. Lukas has been the CEO of Turing School since 2017. He has continued working with the Harvard CS50 team and several top-tier academics on various EdTech projects up to this day.

Tomas Moška

Cofounder & CPO

Tomas started his first company at only 17. At 20, he joined Dashmote at its founding as a core team member and quickly grew to become CTO. He is a self-taught engineer with a background in business who studied engineering at the prestigious tech university 42 in Paris, France. In Turing, Tomas leads operations and product development.

Benas Šidlauskas

Cofounder & CBDO

Benas started out working with Invest Lithuania, a leading global Lithuanian diaspora tech network. After starting the Turing Society, he built a network ranging from education and business advisors to politicians. Today he leads the legal, community and business development of Turing.

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