We are a Data Science Career School Co-Created with Tech Companies.

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Executive Summary

We train talent to be work-ready in Data Science and AI on day one and provide a unique data-based solution for engineers recruitment.

Recruiting and onboarding IT talent is a time-consuming and unpredictable process for companies. Turing College solves this problem by creating curricula with tech-oriented companies who join as Hiring Partners.

As learners progress through the self-paced, peer-to-peer learning platform, every effort is given to replicate a real working environment. This prepares them to be work-ready on day one. Hiring Partners to get exclusive access to rich performance data and the portfolios of data science projects from each learner. This enables them to make fast, data-driven hiring decisions. Upon graduation, learners get a new job in AI and Data Science with a Hiring Partner.


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The Founders

Lukas Kaminskis

Cofounder & CEO

Lukas created his first coding bootcamp at 16 years old. At 22, he became a lecturer in software engineering at ISM international university. Lukas has been the CEO of Turing School since 2017. He has continued working with the Harvard CS50 team and several top-tier academics on various EdTech projects up to this day.

Tomas Moška

Cofounder & CPO

Tomas started his first company at only 17. At 20, he joined Dashmote at its founding as a core team member and quickly grew to become CTO. He is a self-taught engineer with a background in business who studied engineering at the prestigious tech university 42 in Paris, France. In Turing, Tomas leads operations and product development.

Benas Šidlauskas

Cofounder & CBDO

Benas started out working with Invest Lithuania, a leading global Lithuanian diaspora tech network. After starting the Turing Society, he built a network ranging from education and business advisors to politicians. Today he leads the legal, community and business development of Turing.

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