Data Analytics Course

Prepare for an outstanding career in data analytics.

“Nowadays data analytics skills are needed no matter what your job title is. Turing College provides a great course to get those skills.”

- Gediminas Kalnutis, former data scientist @ Amazon
matched to market needs
Flexible pace
Regular expert consultations
Practical projects
Exceptional community
Career counseling
Soft and hard skills

Expert support every step of the way

Turing platform

Software that puts you in control of your learning and makes you accountable for reaching your goals.


No lectures. Instead you get weekly small-group meetings with a professional data scientist.

Code reviews

1:1 feedback from a professional data scientist for more than 15 practical projects.


The opportunity to personally meet expert advisors from companies like Google, Tesla, Unity and many more.

Peer-to-peer learning

A vibrant community, with daily support from top students, known as Junior Team Leads.

What you'll learn

Students become work-ready dedicating:
15 hours per week: 6 months
30 hours per week: 4 months

Core analyst toolkit

Structured approach to data analysis, SQL and databases, Spreadsheets

Analyzing business problems

Product analytics, marketing analytics, monetization analytics, risk analytics, financial analytics

Main analysis types

Cohorts, retention, funnels, AB tests, CLV, Customer Segmentation, RFM

Communicating analysis results

Tableau, PowerBI, Powerpoint

Advanced analyst toolkit (optional)

Python and data visualisation with Python

Capstone Project

Create a project to have in your portfolio that covers everything that you have learned

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Ready to start your career?

Scholarship program

Get a scholarship for the course worth of 2370 Eur from Nord Security. More.

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6 months plan

6 months are average graduation period of 90% of students.


€395 per month, paid monthly

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Regular weekly meetings with a group of like-minded learners

Community events to help your learning and job search

Regular help from top students: 1-1 mentorships, drop-in open-sessions

Ability to become a Junior Team Lead yourself and get a scholarship of 300 Eur (*taxes may apply)

Receive and perform peer reviews of projects to further enhance your learning

Requirements for joining

The course can be taken if you have no prior coding experience. However, the self-paced nature of the course means that the time required to complete it will be influenced by the skills you possess when joining the course.


  • At least 10 hours per week that you can dedicate for studies;
  • Being strongly comfortable with using IT technologies, computers;
  • Good English skills (the courses are fully in English);
  • A stable internet connection, and a working microphone and camera are required because interactions are online.