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Our graduates:

Karolina Miniotaitė

Business Data Analyst

Martynas Udras

Manager, SaaS Risk

Fortune Uwha

Senior Data Analyst

Juste Gaviene

Decision Scientist

Luca Vassos

IT Software Engineer

Indrė Rimkevičienė

Decision Scientist

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#1 vieta mokytis internetu užimtiems žmonėms

Įgyk naujų žinių internete iš geriausių tech srities specialistų. Mokslai, kurie įveikiami net labiausiai užimtiems.

Tobulink įgūdžius lanksčiu grafiku

Mes neturime paskaitų. Mūsų savarankiškos programos skirtos dirbantiems asmenims, todėl galite mokytis pagal savo tvarkaraštį naudodamiesi mūsų mokymosi platforma. Bet kuriuo metu, bet kur!

Mokymo modelis

Išmok daugiau su 1on1 orientuotu mokymu

Kitaip nei kitose internetinėse programose, čia mokysitės imituodami technologijų įmonės darbą. Naudodamiesi pasaulinio lygio specialistų 1on1 pagalba, įgysite realių įgūdžių ir sukursite projektų portfolio.

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Naujos karjeros nepakanka? Įgyk magistro laipsnį

Esame ES akredituotas koledžas, siūlantis duomenų mokslo ir analitikos magistrantūros studijas. Esame susiję su "Woolf", Europos Sąjungos aukštojo mokslo institucija.

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Studentų tautybės


Aktyvūs studentai

“I can honestly say, that it was and is my best learning experience so far.”

Indrė Rimkevičienė

Decision scientist

*Darbui pasiruošę absolventai gavo darbo pasiūlymą ir įsidarbino per 6 mėnesius nuo studijų baigimo.

Mūsų alumni pasiekė karjeros aukštumas. Gali ir tu.

Studentai iš

Turing College provides practical online education on my schedule. Thanks to that, I have changed my career without impacting time spent with my family.”

Dominika Szulc 🇵🇱

Junior ML Engineer @ Future Processing

“I am glad that I decided to choose Turing College for data analytics studies, besides from high quality training material, real case studies and valuable feedback, I got a lot of support when I entered a job market. With a help of awesome staff from TC, I started a new career as a junior data analyst.”

Raminta Burinskiene 🇱🇹

Junior Data Analyst @ Beyond Analysis

“I liked Turing's education approach from its early days as a non-profit student organization based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. When they established Turing College I joined the program to upskill my career in Data Science. Turing College has exceeded my expectations by 150%.”

Lorence Cramwinckel 🇳🇱

Technical Support Engineer @ Adyen

“There is everything to love about Turing College. From the amazing feeling of being part of a large community that cares, to the self-paced learning. I'm learning with TC that data science involves having hard skills but also that soft skills are highly important.”

Fortune Uwha 🇳🇬

Senior Reporting & Analysis Specialist @ Western Union

“Community community community - from peers to administration, everyone is eager to lend you a helping hand, which at least for me, creates a very motivating environment.”

Karolina Miniotaitė 🇱🇹

Business Data Analyst @ Telia

“I have used many various learning platforms, and Turing College is really different. Its learning model allows you to move at your pace while getting as much help from the community. I love that it doesn't just focus on your hard skills but soft skills as well.”

Linda Oranya 🇳🇬

Data Scientist @ Metasite Data Insights

“I decided to switch my career from being a web developer to become a data scientist, and Turing College was exactly what I needed. This Data Science career school lets me skip the course part I knew already and focus on the competencies I lack.”

Leon Milosevic 🇷🇸

Junior Data Engineer @ Barbora

Turing College offers curated, industry-relevant materials for self-paced learning and real-world scenario projects. What I found most valuable was the 1on1 feedback and the supportive community of peers and experts, who genuinely fostered the development of my hard and soft skills. Highly recommended!”

Dr. Lydia Moser-Fischer 🇩🇪

Postdoc researcher at Argelander-Institute of Astronomy

“Up to Turing College, I worked with only academic-related data, so seeing how business data can create actionable insights was a next-level experience. Most importantly, I received 1on1 feedback from professionals - they adapted to my skill level and always gave new advice.”

Patrick Serberis 🇬🇧

Economics student @ King’s College London

Turing College has a strong community. The community aspect is code reviews – from where I received small remarks about my code formatting. As a freelancer or a starting developer, not often do you get an outside perspective on code quality.”

Sebastian Pikand 🇪🇪

Freelancer Data Consultant

“What impressed me the most, was the fact that after one year in Turing College I felt way more confident in my ability to land a job and create value than after one year in a traditional university education. I would highly recommend this curriculum to everyone who is seriously thinking about starting their career in a data science related area.”

Titas Janušonis 🇱🇹

Data Engineer @ FittyAI

Turing College really exceeded my expectations. Community, learning material and help you get in your data science journey creates perfect environment for a beginner in this field like me. Also the feedback from senior team leads who are experts in data science field really enhance overall experience.”

Kristina Grigaitytė 🇱🇹

Data Analyst @ Nord Security

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