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We learn the most when we receive enough personal feedback & mentorship. Receive as many consultations and code-review sessions as you need from industry professionals, peers.

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Learn at your own pace and schedule! Our course is perfect for busy people who want to learn anytime, anywhere!

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A vibrant community, with daily support from top students in active Discord channels and open drop-in sessions. Discuss topics with peers, gain and share insights, and grow together with the Turing College community.

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“Turing College really exceeded my expectations.”

The community, learning materials and assistance I received in my data science journey created the perfect environment for a beginner in this field like me. Also, the feedback from senior team leads who are experts in data science really enhance the overall experience.

Kristina Grigaitytė

Junior Data Analyst

Career program and hiring

Once you’re done learning technical skills, you can go through our career program that prepares you for your next career step and provides exclusive opportunities.

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Our programs are developed by senior professionals, giving you all the skills you need to make your next career move.

Student feedback

“There is everything to love about Turing College. From the amazing feeling of being part of a large community that cares, to the self-paced learning. I'm learning with TC that data science involves having hard skills but also that soft skills are highly important.”

Fortune Uwha 🇳🇬

Before: Data Analyst @ Syno International

Now: Senior Data Analyst @ Western Union

“I liked Turing's education approach from its early days as a non-profit student organization based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. When they established Turing College I joined the program to upskill my career in Data Science. Turing College has exceeded my expectations by 150%.”

Lorence Cramwinckel 🇳🇱

Now: Technical Support Engineer @ Adyen

“I decided to switch my career from being a web developer to become a data scientist, and Turing College was exactly what I needed. This Data Science career school lets me skip the course part I knew already and focus on the competencies I lack.”

Leon Milosevic 🇷🇸

Before: Web Developer @ Nezavisna TV Mreza

Now: Junior Data Engineer @ Barbora

“I have used many various learning platforms, and Turing College is really different. Its learning model allows you to move at your pace while getting as much help from the community. I love that it doesn't just focus on your hard skills but soft skills as well.”

Linda Oranya 🇳🇬

Before: Data Scientist @ Cars45

Now: Data Scientist @ Metasite Data Insights