Introduction to Data Science

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About guidebook

This guidebook is a list of introductory resources on a wide range of  Data Science subjects. It takes 60-90 hours of self-guided learning to complete. Topics covered:

1. Introduction to programming & Python, variables, expressions
2. Conditional statements, control flows, functions
3. Strings, files, lists
4. Dictionaries, tuples
5. Data structures, working with web data
6. Regular expressions, advanced built-in data types
7. Networks, HTTP protocol, APIs
8. Web scraping, BeautifulSoup, static type checking
10. Object Oriented Programming, JSON
11. Poker bot practical project

“Turing College prepares data scientists who not only excel in theory but also possess real-world skills.”

Eimantas Sabaliauskas

Co-founder of Nord VPN

Is this guidebook for me?

Yes, if you:

Have no coding experience, but are proficient in high-school level mathematics

Are looking for refresher in Python programming or core data science concepts

You want to apply to our Data science career program but lack introductory Data Science, and Python skills

Have good English skills

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