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Without top‑tier talent and ongoing upskilling, your company's tech edge could vanish overnight. That's why investing in effective strategies for talent upskilling is essential for business success.

Flexible learning for working professionals

Self-paced Curriculum

Tailored to accommodate busy professionals.

Learning Support

Personalized mentorship, feedback sessions and a rich library of resources.

World-class education team

Learn from leaders from META, IBM, Google Brain, and more.

Flexible timetable

Availability to book meetings and project reviews 24/7, accommodating employees in any time zone.

Turing College’s upskilling program equips Thermo Fisher Scientific teams to transform data into actionable insights. Mastering Excel, SQL, Power BI, and other analytics skills fosters data fluency, enabling swift analysis and informed decisions.

Evelina Markauskė

Sr. Manager, Business Excellence

Turing College equips employees with technical expertise in data analytics and essential soft skills. Beyond mastering data analysis, they learn to effectively communicate insights, provide constructive feedback to their peers, and tailor presentations to diverse managerial levels. In today’s landscape, proficiency in both fields drives innovation and fosters forward-thinking teams!

Aistė Varnaitė

Senior manager, Compliance and Risk Investigations and Analysis

Turing College's comprehensive upskilling programs have significantly benefited Girteka Group employees by enhancing their data analytics capabilities. Through hands-on training in SQL, Power BI, and other essential tools, our team members have gained the skills needed to interpret data accurately and make strategic decisions with confidence.

Rūta Mikalauskienė

Training Center Manager @
Girteka Competence Center

Discover our tailored programs

Our online programs can be customized to meet the unique needs of your company and employees. If your organization uses specific tools or software not included in our standard program material, reach out to us, and we'll explore custom solutions tailored to your needs.

Unlock the power of data analytics for non‑tech professionals

Don't let the perception of data as a technical domain hold your team back. Our program opens doors to a world of data insights, providing all employees with the tools and knowledge to excel in their non-technical roles. How can they benefit from data analytics?

Business analyst

Improved data-driven decision making, better communication of insights, and understanding the nuances in customer behavior and business trends.

Better forecast cash flows, understand spending patterns, and make informed financial decisions.

Improve project estimations, spot inefficiencies in processes, and communicate data-driven updates to stakeholders.

Enhance operational efficiency, understand market trends, and provide data-driven leadership.

Efficiently manage and interpret large financial datasets, spot anomalies, and improve financial forecasting.

Analyze recruitment trends, employee satisfaction data, and forecast HR needs.

Streamline accounting processes, better financial forecasting, and efficient data management.

Make data-driven product decisions, understand market demands, and predict product performance.

Understand testing patterns, improve test efficiency, and predict potential problem areas.

Forecast sales trends, understand customer demands, and tailor product pitches accordingly.

Understand customer behavior, predict churn, improve client relations, and communicate data insights to clients.

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A mark of tech leadership.

Global recognition

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Dr. Tadas Jucikas

Founding Dean, PhD from the University of Cambridge

Dr. Nikon Rasumov

Product Manager at META

Dr. Algimantas Černiauskas

Senior Data Scientist at IBM

No lectures. No rigid timelines. Full flexibility.

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