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Turing College was founded by Lukas Kaminskis, Tomas Moska & Benas Sidlauskas in 2020 to provide inclusive peer-driven tech education globally. When Lukas and Tomas were still in high school, they taught themselves to code through peer-driven coding bootcamps they organized themselves. They realized the key to productive learning lies in designing more social activities, and that we can learn from peers as efficiently as from instructors if there is a clear learning framework.

So Lukas, Benas, and Tomas decided to start a different type of online school, one focused on solving the Bloom 2 sigma problem using peer-to-peer learning facilitated through software. Instead of relying solely on hired instructors, Turing College uses senior students to teach junior students by maintaining instructor-level education quality. This means that Turing College students get more 1-on-1 tutoring and form a more inclusive community than any other online school.

Turing College begins to scale internationally.

Turing College assembles a team of scientists to conduct research in which they compare the efficiency of Turing College’s peer-to-peer methodology with  classical instructor-to-peer methodology where they found no statistically significant deviation within the students’ learning results.

Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator invites Turing College to its W21 batch.

Turing College is the first Lithuanian company selected by Y Combinator, a world-leading tech accelerator based in California.

Turing College joined Y Combinator’s W21 batch, providing it with new opportunities to rapidly scale its solution for hiring in-demand data science talent.

Turing College was founded. The first group of students started their journey.

Founded in 2020, we represent the fullest realisation yet of the Turing Society’s vision: a data-driven, remote-first IT college that offers self-paced learning and ISAs to cover tuition fees. All so our learners can upskill and secure a well-paid position that matches their talent, whether they’re new to coding or have extensive IT experience.

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