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~0.4M unfilled web3 engineering positions globally

Web3 should have 19x more devs to catch up with Web2 in value created.


Average time you will need to dedicate to learning to become work-ready:
15 hours per week: 5 months
30 hours per week: 3 months

1. Why is Web3 exciting?
  • Decentralization

  • Security

  • Store of value

  • Web2 vs. Web3

  • Web3 communities

2. Core concepts of web3
  • Digital wallets

  • Smart contracts

  • DeFi

  • dApps

  • DAOs

  • NFTs

  • Token standards

3. How does the blockchain work?
  • Types of blockchains, most popular ones

  • Governance models

  • Proof of stake vs proof of work

  • Oracles

  • Indexing

4. Intro to Tezos

Core ideas, comparison to other blockchains.

5. Intro to Tezos communities
6. Basics of the language and frameworks
  • IDEs and extensions

  • Michelson

  • Practice with one of 3 languages: Archetype/Smartpy/Ligo

  • Running a sandbox Tezos network

  • Block explorers

  • Taquito, Taqueria

7. Smart contract practice
8. Basics of smart contract testing and flaw detection
9. Current developments and directions of Tezos
10.  Notable projects. How to contribute to an open-source project?
11. Finding jobs in the web3 market.
12. Extended dApp project


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We train our learners to be market-ready.

Comprehensive training in technical skills

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"Turing College is for those who want to master data science."

Edvard Sivickij

Graduated: 2022

"After the course, I was able to get into work and solve real business problems easily."

Ovidijus Kuzminas

Graduated: 2021

"Turing College changed my life forever! Studying at Turing College was one of the best things that happened to me in 2021."

Linda Oranya

Graduated: 2021

“Ideal if you want to kickstart your career in Data Science.”

Romanas Grigorjevas

Graduated: 2021

"Excellent curriculum with even better community."

Titas Janušonis

Graduated: 2022

“Amazing, the program has been rewarding in every sense of it.”

Ifeoma Okoh

Graduated: 2021

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Web3 developer course

Sponsored by Tezos Foundation.

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Why alternatives don’t work


We encourage you to read. But it can take years to cover even the basics and most importantly, books won’t teach you real-life work experience and skills.

Other bootcamps

Most bootcamps lack depth and offer little in the way of 1-on-1 feedback. You’ll get a nice certificate, but might still be stuck with only the most basic knowledge.

Coursera, Buildspace

Certain essential skills can only be taught with real-life projects and feedback provided by experts. Online courses offer a lonely path, which leaves many people struggling to figure out where they want to go once they feel they're job-ready.


Education is great, but most degrees take 2+ years to complete and aren’t designed for practical, real-world application. That’s why many students look for alternatives even after they graduate.