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We're an online coding school that teaches people data & coding. Y Combinator backs us, and 100% of our students are hired. So we know how to make hiring fast and effective.

For candidates

How it works

1. You register.
2. We try to match you with our network of tech employers.
3. If a company is interested, you will be contacted by them.

Who do we encourage to register?
  • Marketing specialists of any kind (growth, performance, PPC marketers, etc.).

  • QA specialists.

  • Software developers of any kind.

  • Data scientists/ML engineers/analysts of any kind.


  • Don't worry about paperwork now. Employers will cover that with the support of employment agencies.

  • This initiative is entirely free-of-charge.

  • You should be proficient in English to be considered for positions.

If you haven't heard anything from us? What should you do?

Be patient; it could take several days to several weeks to get a match.

For companies

How it works

1. You register as a recruiter.
2. Once confirmed, we will share a database of potential candidates with you.
3. If you're interested, feel free to contact them.
4. If you've successfully hired, inform us.


  • Don’t worry about paperwork now. If you haven’t hired Ukrainians, we will share a contact with employment agencies to help.

  • This initiative is entirely free-of-charge.