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Only motivated and determined learners are accepted to Turing College and alumni network. We train skills, that industry needs. That’s why 100% of our learners gets hired!

How to get a scholarship?

  • Complete at least 1/2 of a technical challenges.

  • A score of at least 90% in your code review.

  • A clear intention to get into a tech career

  • Active participation in our discord community.

  • Positive feedback from Junior Team Leads and peers

  • Bonus: a faster completion of the project.

Pick a course

Data Science

with Scholarship


Level: Intense

Avg. 10 months
You will be learning:
  • Data Wrangling with Python

  • Data Analysis

  • Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning

  • Individual Specialisation Modules

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Specializations gained:
  • Data scientist

  • Machine learning engineer

  • Data analyst

  • Data engineer

  • Decision scientist

  • AI engineer

Average net starting salary

In the Baltics

1700 €
Average net junior salary

In Central Europe

2500 €
Who is it for?

Professionals with existing coding experience who would like to utilise the most modern AI tools to solve business problems.

Data Analytics

with Scholarship


Level: Medium

Avg. 5 months
You will be learning:
  • Core analyst toolkit

  • Analyzing business problems

  • Main analysis types

  • Communicating analysis results

  • Advanced analyst toolkit

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Specializations gained:
  • Data analyst

  • BI specialist

  • Business analyst

  • Marketing data analyst

  • Product data analyst

Average net starting salary

In the Baltics

1100 €
Average net junior salary

In Central Europe

1700 €
Who is it for?

People willing to get a strong career start as a professional in the field of data.

Web Development

with Scholarship


Level: Medium

Avg. 6 months
You will be learning:
  • Front-end

  • Back-end with Python, Flask, SQL

  • Node And Express

  • ReactJS and Redux

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Specializations gained:
  • Frontend developer

  • Backend developer

  • Full-stack developer

  • React developer

  • Symfony developer

Average net starting salary

In the Baltics

1400 €
Average net junior salary

In Central Europe

2100 €
Who is it for?

People who want to get into the IT industry, work in-depth with various products but who have little previous IT experience.

No credit card required.  🇪🇺 EU,  🇬🇧 UK or 🇺🇦 UA citizens only.


In what cases can I lose my scholarship?
1. If you violate one of job search/hiring conditions:

a. During your studies or within 1 month of graduation, you can only apply to any company if Turing College has confirmed that you can do this (this applies for both Hiring Partners and other companies). Turing College is allowed to make the decision as to whether an application is confirmed based on individual criteria for each case. You can apply to any company without confirmation 1 month after your graduation.

b. If you apply to a Hiring Partner and receive an offer that meets your expectations (the salary range for the position is provided by us before you apply), but you then decline that offer without a good reason. An example of a good reason would be that you accepted another offer from a Hiring Partner, or that some new requirements such as relocation were added to the job offer.

2. You cannot maintain a minimum learning speed:

For you to graduate from Turing College in a reasonable timeframe, we define a minimum learning pace requirement. We have seen that only by maintaining a consistent pace can students successfully graduate from Turing College. The minimum learning speeds for students who receive a 100% scholarship are as follows:

  • For our data science course. Your average learning speed should not be slower than completing a sprint in 3 weeks on average. This equates to finishing 3 modules in 9 months;
  • For our data analytics course. You should complete our course in no longer than 5 months.

Violating one of these conditions will lead to termination of your scholarship. If a scholarship is terminated, you will need to return the full amount of the scholarship you have received. We implement these scholarship terms to ensure we attract students who are serious about pursuing careers in a related field to their course.

How does the process of searching for a job work for scholarship recipients?

To make your job search effective we have a process of applying to companies that aims to maximize your salary proposal.

Here's how it works:
  • You should inform us that you want to start a job by contacting your batch manager.
  • You share a shortlist of positions from Hiring Partners or companies listed here that you want to apply for. If there aren’t jobs suited to your specialization,  you can shortlist jobs from non-hiring companies without penalty.
  • We confirm that you can apply to these positions. If we decline your request it means that we don't think you are  ready to start applying for positions yet. So you continue learning and go through the endorsement program. The endorsement program will ensure you are ready for the process of searching for jobs and having interviews.
  • You start applying for your dream positions first, and if you don't have any luck with them, you can move on to other companies on your wishlist.
  • If you receive several rejections, you share with us the feedback you got from the companies on where you need to improve. We then provide additional training and mentorship for you. Once you have improved further, you continue your job search until you’re hired.
What salary should I expect when being hired by the companies?
It depends on 4 variables:

1) Your place of work. Salaries for the same position are higher in Silicon Valley than in Lithuania due to higher cost of living, demand/supply dynamics, and other factors.

2) The position you are aiming for. If your plan is to secure a data analytics position after completing a data science course, your salary might be lower.

3) Your experience and skills.

4) Performance on interview and your negotiation skills. Even the best candidates have bad days, when answering questions, no matter how simple, proves difficult. Needless to say, this can have an impact on the initial offer you receive. Your final salary will also to a large extent depend on the success of negotiations after the interview.

Salaries in Europe and elsewhere

If you’re interested in working in another European country,  we would advise you to start with Glassdoor’s base pay calculator by choosing the relevant country or city. Please have in mind, though, that base pay estimates can be off by as much as 20% because they average out not only junior, but also  mid and senior positions. Despite this margin of error,  base pay estimates can still be useful for  identifying reasonable offers. You should expect to get a salary close to the base pay level, without feeling pressured  to accept offers that fall more than  20% below the base salary in a particular country.,7_IC2913721_KO8,22.htm?clickSource=careerNav

How does Turing College help with getting a job?

Aside from the skills gained by completing  the programme, there are 3 additional ways that we offer support to our students:

1.) With our Endorsement Program, you will go through a simulation of a real hiring process from the very beginning to the end. You will also be trained on how to prepare your Linkedin profile, structure your projects on Github, answer interview questions, and apply for jobs in a systematic way.

2) Referrals to our Hiring Partners. Endorsed students will be recommended to Hiring partners, who are always on the lookout for different types of specialists.

3) Referrals from our staff, mentors and alumni. We have mentors from companies like Tesla, Google, IBM, and Vinted. If they feel confident in your skills, they can refer you. If you do receive a referral from them, in most cases you will be invited to the interview stage.

What if there aren’t Hiring partners I can work for in my country?

If our Hiring Partners don’t have an office in your country of residence, or cannot offer a remote position, you will be able to apply to non-hiring partners without any penalties. You also won't be required to onboard that company as a Hiring Partner, but if you are able to onboard them, you will get a  EUR 1,000 bonus!

If I lose my scholarship will I need to cover it?

Yes, you will need to cover a part of the full-tuition fee depending on when you lost your scholarship.
The sum is counted proportionally (12 months = 100% of the Data Science course, 6 months = 100% of the Data Analytics course).
Example: If you withdraw from Turing College or your scholarship is terminated after two months from the beginning of your Data Science Program, then you will have to return a part of the scholarship equal to two monthly Installment Payments or 2/12 of the full price, which is roughly 800 Eur.