Take the
Turing Challenge!

Alan Turing was one of the founding fathers of modern computer science and artificial intelligence. He was also a true polymath, with expertise in mathematics, logic, physics, and cryptology.

To succeed in modern data science, you will need to have a range of skills and competences, just like Alan Turing did. So, to help you assess your level in key areas like mathematics, critical thinking, and coding, we’ve put together the Turing Challenge.

12 tough questions that will show if you’re still a Baby Turing (cute and smart, but with some skills to learn), a Trainee Turing (your skills are developing nicely) or a Total Turing (you have everything you need to take the next step in your data science career).

You should take up to 30 minutes. For the first 3 questions, feel free to use a calculator, Google, or any other tools that are useful (perhaps you have an Enigma machine lying around). Then for questions 4-12, just use pure brainpower. Good luck!