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Feb 1st
deadline to meet criteria

To receive a scholarship, you need to:

Start learning on our platform and complete at least one project (~8 hours of learning)

Go through an interview process

Have a residency permit in EU or the UK

What you’ll learn

Average time to become work-ready dedicating:
15 hours per week: 12 months
30 hours per week: 8 months

Practical project
Capstone project
Data Wrangling with Python

Advanced Python, Data Processing, Intro to EDA, Basic Visualisations and Charting, Linear Algebra Basics.

Data Analysis

SQL For Data Analysis, Advanced Visualisations and Charting, Inferential Statistical Analysis, Statistical Modelling, Linear Models.

Machine Learning

Tree-Based Models, Applied Modelling, Intro to Tensorflow, Intro to Time Series Analysis.

Deep Learning

Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Practical Deep Learning, TensorFlow.

Individual Specialisation Modules

Work on our hiring partner's projects and build an internship-level portfolio.

Students become work-ready dedicating:
15 hours per week: 6 months
30 hours per week: 4 months

Core analyst toolkit

Structured approach to data analysis, SQL and databases, Spreadsheets

Analyzing business problems

Product analytics, marketing analytics, monetization analytics, risk analytics, financial analytics

Main analysis types

Cohorts, retention, funnels, AB tests, CLV, Customer Segmentation, RFM

Communicating analysis results

Tableau, PowerBI, Powerpoint

Advanced analyst toolkit (optional)

Python and data visualisation with Python

Capstone Project

Create a project to have in your portfolio that covers everything that you have learned

Scholarships will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Completion of at least one project by  February 1st 2022.

  • Faster completion of the project will increase the likelihood of you receiving a scholarship.

  • A score of at least 90% in your code review.

  • Active participation in our discord community.

  • Demonstration of a clear intention to get into a data-related career after finishing the course.

  • Positive feedback from Junior Team Leads and other learners - especially regarding your helpfulness and your level of understanding of the topics learned.