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We are a data science career school training talents to be work-ready in data science and AI.

1,000+ hours of performance data

We partner with companies like yours to provide data science talent and support your hiring decisions through data-driven reports on our candidates.

Each report refines over a 1,000 hours of our learners' collected data to identify a candidate's hard and soft skills. These reports reduce the amount of time HR would otherwise have spend during the screening process.

Talent that is Ready to Work on Day One

A Method of Learning that Replicates Real Work

Our learning methodology replicates teams working in AI and Data Science. This includes standups, 1-on-1s with seniors, exchanging feedback and a focus on project work.

A Customisable Curriculum

We adapt our curriculum to your company’s needs and current tech stack. Learners also cultivate their soft skills and are introduced to a Hiring Partner's culture.

Free of charge Collaboration

Becoming a Hiring Partner is free of charge. Let's develop the curriculum together and we'll do the rest, providing your organization with a fresh batch of talent.

Soft-skills Development

Our program is focused on skills, techniques, and behaviors that add practical value to our learners' everyday life, eg. public speaking, interpersonal communication, performance & time management, problem-solving and more.

First Access to Talent

Finding a suitable data scientist who can successfully apply a bleeding-edge analytical ability to the well-entrenched industry challenges is rare. As a preferred Hiring Partner, you will have access to promising candidates who can deliver on day one.

Hiring Partners apply their experience to co-create the curriculum, so learning aligns with their hiring needs and commits to employing high-performing graduates when needed.

Hiring Partners

World-leading cybersecurity service provider, which came out of the next-gen IT product accelerator Tesonet.

We build practical tools used by millions of people who care about their security and privacy online. It means that we need people with practical knowledge in our development teams. Turing College’s approach to education truly benefits and matches our company needs. Turing College prepares data scientists who not only excel in theory but also possess real-work skills.

Eimantas Sabaliauskas

Co-founder of Nord Security

Kilo.Health operates in the health and wellness industry, specializes in innovations that make health and wellness reachable for everyone.

As a fast-growing company in the global health industry, we’re looking to expand our analysis team to fully harness the ever-growing data. Our partnership with Turing College is an exciting talent sourcing journey, letting us to not only contribute to student learning experiences and witness their growth, but also strengthen our data team with motivated and right-skilled graduates.
We’re confident in Turing College and are looking forward to working on this mutually beneficial collaboration.

Aistė Valaitė

Data Analyst at Kilo Health

Global integrated risk assessment firm that empowers organizations to make better decisions. They have more than 11K employees and established offices in more than 40 countries. Moody's foster an inclusive work environment where all views matter, and also they proactively promote a culture where all employees can achieve their career goals.

At Moody's we value data quality, innovation, and of course people who make it happen. We appreciate the fact the Turing College’s model is inclusive – enabling talented people to advance themselves, whatever their budget, career stage, or background. We greatly look forward to closely working with Turing College over the coming months.

Jonas Pokštas

Vice President, Data Scientist at Moody's

Big data predictive analytics technology company developing advanced machine-learning algorithms and tools that address and automate key customer management decisions in Telecommunications and Retail.

In our industry, quality data is king – our research and insights depend on it. So it’s refreshing to see an educational institution that really focuses on generating valuable data about each learner. Basing our recruitment on a robust set of data about a candidate is a game-changer.

Egidijus Pilypas

Co-founder & Director of Product and Data Science at Exacaster

Clinical, regulatory and pharmacovigilance solution provider to the global life science industry.

I am glad to finally see an educational institution in Lithuania that focuses on practical teaching and problem-solving. Our partnership with Turing College gives us a significant advantage in finding the best tech talents.

Laimonas Sutkus

CTO at Biomapas

Ecommerce-tailored email & SMS marketing automation platform built to help nimble teams drive more revenue without increasing their workload.

We can raise the talent bar, but you have to do something different. You can’t do what you are currently doing today. These guys want to offer not another diploma, but a new quality definition of a great employee, who would significantly impact a company. Omnisend wants to be that company.

Rimante Ribaciauskaite

COO of Omnisend

UK-based AI-driven organization developing its own products that optimize industries such as transport, retail and hospitality. Satalia’s tools and solutions are being used by names such as Tesco, BBC, PwC, DFS, to name a few.

Our mission is to be thought leaders in AI. Turing graduates are career driven team players with all the right know-how and experience already in place. Everything that’s essential to give us the edge we require.

Adam West

Head Of Marketing at Satalia

Neurotechnology offers large-scale multi-biometric AFIS SDK, PC-based, embedded, smart card fingerprint, face, eye iris, voice and palmprint identification SDK.

Our industry requires specialists with a very specific technical knowledge. That’s why close cooperation with Turing College is valuable. They build well-adapted courses which are in line with our expectations. It allows to collaborate with them efficiently to ensure, that the graduates can perfectly meet our needs.

Linas Petkevičius

R&D in robotics department at Neurotechnology

Customer-obsessed, idea-driven, ever-growing web hosting provider. Hostinger offers easy to use, fast and reliable web hosting services.

At Hostinger, we hire and develop the most motivated, tech-driven, and action-oriented individuals. Turing College’s inclusive model allows determined talent to join a community of high-achievers who display a ‘ready for the challenge’ mindset. This means that our partnership provides the perfect environment for learning and professional growth.

Gabija Marganavičė

Chief People Officer at Hostinger

World's leading provider of digital flight information, intelligence and analytics for airports, airlines and travel tech companies.

At OAG, we strongly believe that recruiting the right people is the most important thing. True leaders can spot the right candidate for their mindset, regardless of their experience. We see that Turing College graduates will have this on top of their hard skills. Such candidates are in demand, and we’ll be glad to meet them.

Arturas Kuznecovas

Director of Software Engineering at OAG

International software development company working with successful tech driven businesses for 18+ years.

At NFQ we always go forward, raising the bar with each challenge we beat. Can't imagine us having achieved our success without us having a life-long learning mentality. So partnering with Turing College is our step towards helping future generations of tech professionals, high achievers, giving them the technical know-how they need to further their careers and practical skills. The attitudes Turing College instills in its learners fit perfectly with our culture.

Monika Vasiliauskaitė

Head of People & Culture at NFQ

Third‑largest provider of financial services in the Baltics. Bank operates in all Baltic countries through an Estonian bank, its locally established branches in Latvia and Lithuania, and subsidiary companies.

In our industry the only constant is change. That is why we always look for tech-savvy people who are curious enough to make that change happen. Therefore, we are happy that we have decided to partner with Turing, as they provide us an opportunity to network and establish a long-term relationship with driven, smart and curious students. Luminor hopes that with this partnership we are able to offer Turing students a chance to participate in one of the biggest data transformations in Baltics!

Gert Lohmus

Team Lead of Data Engineering & Science team

Custom software development company with expertise in blockchain, data processing, web development, and design.

At iSun we don’t believe in cutting corners, whether it is working with our clients or recruiting members of our hardworking, capable team. Turing College’s approach enables us to make informed decisions on recruitment, and we look forward to further growing our team with more high-achieving talent.

Ieva Trinkūnaitė

Business Owner at iSun AG

Danish company and leading pork provider in Lithuania and one of the largest providers in Russia. IDAVANG operates a modern and highly professional production, which has gone through impressive growth since the establishment, in 1999.

At AI Grow Farm we are looking for the kind of Data Scientists that can help us to achieve our company goals. Turing College will give us access to a pool of ambitious and work-ready professionals. And because we are able to collaborate with them on the syllabus, we know that those professionals will come equipped with the knowledge and skills we need.

Vytautas Karalius

CFO at Idavang Lithuania

The largest e-grocer in the Baltics. The company’s vision is to deliver a perfect e-shopping experience that can easily be used wherever clients are.

We live in the age when people need flexibility, even when shopping. „Barbora“ is the 1st choice for e-groceries in the Baltics and this obliges us to provide our customers with exceptional shopping experience. Our service is designed so that our clients can use it wherever and whenever it suits them. In essence, Turing College applies the same approach to learning – it’s a modern and refreshing approach. As we are aiming at a perfect e-shopping experience, drawing the correct insights from our data is critical. The data scientists that Turing College provides us have the right skills and approach to make this happen.

Andrius Didžiulis

Head of Analytics at BARBORA

US based company working in employment data business. Last year they raised 20M in series A, have over 100 employees. Their plan for following + next year is to have more than 300 employees, where specifically new junior/mid data specialists needs will be of more than 50 new hires.

Our product is quite engineering heavy, so in order to scale and maintain a high-quality product we need a pool of talented engineers with the right skills and attitudes. We are lucky to have  Turing College as the perfect partner. Turing College always selects top candidates for us to evaluate, and because we can collaborate with them on the syllabus, we know that we’ll get talent that’s tailored to fit our needs.

Martynas Orkinas

Engineering Manager at Argyle

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