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1. Growth and Retention Fundamentals

What is Growth, Growth Levers Framework: Acquisition, Activation and Retention, Growth strategy framework: NSM, growth levers, growth model, experimentation.

2. Retention and Engagement

How to define, measure and optimize the Retention metric, Framework Inputs - Outputs, Engagement Loops: Organic, Fabricated, and Contextual.

3. Activation

How to measure each activation lever: Habit Formation, Aha Moment, Setup, Types of Setup flows, What are Resurrection Users, tactics and channels.

4. Acquisition and Unit Economics

What are Unit Economics and how to use them (ARPU/ARPA, LTV, CAC, Payback Period), Four Fits Model:: Market-Product-Channel-Model, The 5 Acquisition Loops: Viral, referral, content, paid and sales.

5. Growth Strategy

North Star Metric & Growth Levers, Growth Model, Experimentation Roadmap.

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