Why do I have to go through the admissions interview?

There are 4 main reasons why having an interview is important forTuring College selection:

  1. Reason 1 is our ISA model. Because of our ISA model, where learners only start paying their tuition fees once they land a job, we need to be very careful about which candidates we select. We would like to ensure, as much as possible, that you will be successful, not only in completing our course, but also in finding a job on graduation.
  1. Reason 2 is the difficulty level. The courses on our program are intended to be hard. This gives us even more reason to make sure that we select learners capable of managing them. Given that our learners don’t necessarily need to have prior knowledge of coding or math, we’re looking for people with high levels of motivation who can prove to us that they can learn quickly and achieve.
  1. Reason 3 is teamwork. Teamwork is an essential part of our program. So we want to make sure that the group of learners that starts a course will be able to work well together. Building a community and learning together with peers are crucial elements of our educational philosophy. So, during the interview, we need to check whether you will fit in with other learners so that you can get the most from the Turing College experience.
  1. Reason 4 is so that you can understand us. Our educational approach is very different from a traditional university. The interview gives you a chance to get to know more about us. So we encourage you to prepare questions for us as well.

Overall, the interview is there so that we can evaluate your soft skills and your passion for IT. It’s also an efficient way for us to get to know you, and for you to get to know us. After all, joining our program is a big decision.

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