Module 1? What does this exactly mean? How many modules does the program consist of? How long does each module take?

The core of the data science course consists of six modules:

  1. Data Science Fundamentals
  2. Data Engineering
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Deep Learning
  5. Team specialization module
  6. Specialization module

Each of these modules covers the most important topics in Data Science. The modules are integrated and designed to build upon one another - later modules are more advanced and depend on the skills that have been gained in the first modules. In this course every module teaches you important practical skills, starting with the most important first. Once you have completed  the Data Science Fundamentals module, you will already have many of the skills that are necessary to be a data scientist. Each subsequent module builds upon this foundation, expanding your data scientist capabilities with new tools and deeper insights.

The course takes around 9 months on average to complete for part-time learners. This averages at 1.5 months per module. For full-time learners, the average time for progressing through a module is expected to be 1 month, while each sprint can take up to 1 week on average.

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