How does the ISA work if I start to earn 1350EUR (net) or 2200 (gross)?

Your employer is our Hiring Partner:

  • If your employer is our Hiring Partner in Lithuania and you're earning a gross salary of 2,200 Euros, a fixed-rate of 18% applies. From 2,200 Euros, your repayment will be 396 Euros. The employer transfers this sum to Turing College on your behalf, and your gross salary decreases to 1,804 Euros (1,125 Euros net income). In this case, we will receive 396 Euros/month for 20 months (9,000 Euros is the minimum sum and maximum sum): 225 Euros/month from our learner and 171 Euros/month from the Hiring Partner on our learner's behalf.

Your employer is not our Hiring Partner:

  • If any other company hires you, a fixed rate of 18% applies for a net income of 1,350 Euros. In this case, 243 Euros/month installments for 37 months will be transferred by you to Turing College (9,000 Euros is the minimum and maximum sum).

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