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Our college's strongest asset is goal-oriented, young and open-minded professionals working both in-house and from various companies. They ensure that educational material will meet the standards of real-world jobs. 

Our academic team

Education team
Giedrius Žebrauskas
Head of Education

As CTO, Giedrius led ed-tech projects ranging from globally operating startups (Westudysmart) to market-leading platforms (EDUKA). Worked as a team lead web developer at Western Union and co-founded a web development agency Appmakers. Graduated University of Edinburgh with First class computer science award.

Dovydas Čeilutka
Lead of Data Science

Machine learning team lead at Vinted, where he leads a team working on various machine learning projects. Dovydas is President of the Artificial Intelligence Association of Lithuania and a founder of Tribe of AI, an artificial intelligence learning community.

Jonas Kubilius

Co-Founder of Three Thirds and AI researcher. Marie Skłodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellow at KU Leuven (Belgium) and MIT (USA). Published by top machine learning venues.

Oleg Mirzianov

Life-long learner and PhD candidate at Vilnius University, as well as the best lecturer in Vilnius University in 2018. Former Head of Education at Turing School. Computer science lecturer at Vilnius, ISM universities.

Paulius Velesko

Application engineer on computational performance at Intel. Worked on optimising ADCIRC (storm surge hydrology), XGC1 (particle-in-cell plasma fusion), and DEVITO (compiler for stencil DSL).

Rimvydas Rubavicius

PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh working at the intersection of computational linguistics and autonomous agents. Worked on deploying IT infrastructure at scale in CERN.

Piotras Cimmperman

Piotras works for Vinted as machine learning engineer. He has 20 years’ experience in R&D including modeling, data analysis and machine learning.

Jannes Klaas

Data scientist at QuantumBlack and the author of Machine Learning for Finance. He has a background in financial economics with a degree from Oxford University.

Sam Morgan

Sam is a hybrid tech, education, and product expert. He helped build Makers, Europe’s first software bootcamp, as Head of Education and Head of Product. His background is in software engineering, teaching, and startups.

Valentina Dagiene

Founder of (computational thinking competition in 60 countries), professor at Vilnius University. One of the most recognised educators of informatics in Europe!

Darius Barusauskas

Data scientist, Grandmaster of Kaggle competitions and co-founder of Darius has over 10 years of data engineering experience from the industry.

Lukas Valatka

Lukas is a Machine Learning engineer at Vinted, developing and scaling recommender systems for millions of users. Before Vinted, Lukas developed autonomous robots for one of the most reputable Lithuanian A.I. companies Neurotechnology.

Deividas Skiparis

Deividas is a machine learning engineer at Vinted. Studied Masters in AI in Barcelona. A career changer - worked for over 7 years in the aerospace industry and graduated aerospace engineering at top of the class.

Ignas Namajunas

Machine learning engineer at Vinted and advisor at Kaggle competitions grandmaster.

Our board members

Lukas Kaminskis
Co-Founder & CEO

Lukas created his first coding bootcamp at 16 years old. At 22, he became a lecturer in software engineering at ISM international university. Lukas has been the CEO of Turing School since 2017. He has continued working with the Harvard CS50 team and several top-tier academics on various EdTech projects up to this day.

Benas Šidlauskas
Co-Founder & CBDO

Benas started out working with Invest Lithuania, a leading global Lithuanian diaspora tech network. After starting the Turing Society, he built a network ranging from education and business advisors to politicians. Today he leads the legal, community and business development of Turing.

Tomas Moška
Co-Founder & CPO

Tomas started his first company at only 17. At 20, he joined Dashmote at its founding as a core team member and quickly grew to become CTO. He is a self-taught engineer with a background in business who studied engineering at the prestigious tech university 42 in Paris, France. In Turing, Tomas leads operations and product development.

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