Meet our education team

Training we provide is 100% matched to market needs.

Our learning model is built on the partnerships we build with industry, and our partners co-operate closely in the creation of our curriculum content, working both in-house and from various companies.

Our graduates not only complete the course, but also find a job or get promoted on graduation. This drives us to ensure that all of the training we provide is 100% matched to market needs.

Learning methodology and the curriculum team

Here at Turing College we believe that IT education providers and the tech industry should work together to find innovative ways to adapt to the fast-growing demand for versatile data science and full-stack programming professionals.

That’s why the team behind our curriculum is composed of a nexus of IT experts from the worlds of education, R&D and business. Their combined experience and know-how lies at the heart of our innovative study program.

Senior Team Leads (STL’s)

Our senior team leaders are industry professionals who are currently working but dedicate their time and effort to mentor Turing College learners when needed.

As supervisors, our STL’s are available for consultations, project reviews, and to provide feedback.

Curriculum team

IT experts from the worlds of education, R&D and business.

Senior Team Leads

Industry professionals who are currently working in leading IT companies.

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Are you inspired to share your knowledge and give the next generation of Data Science professionals a helping hand that they’ll never forget? If you are a good communicator, patient and attentive, then Turing College has an offer for you.

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We are planning for another full-time course in early 2021.

Part-time applications will close in:

Part-time course will start at December 1st, 2020, applications are available until November 11th, 2020. You can also join full-time waiting list.