Ten Points of a Turing College Education

1. Peer-to-Peer Studies

Coursework is adaptable so that learners can move through the curriculum as quickly as they want to. The Turing College platform organises education in a peer-to-peer manner; learners code in teams, share feedback and work on projects. Learners can learn faster and more efficiently by teaching others, as well as gaining mentorship experience.

2. Self-Directed Learning

Turing College features no scheduled classes or lectures. We are in charge of the education process while learners are in charge of their learning. We instil life-long learning habits so that learners won’t require any additional formal education. It’s well known that a key trait of a good developer is a habit of self-directed learning.

3. Career Opportunities

Our expanding roster of Hiring Partners is on the look-out to onboard the best newly minted talent in data science. Our education and hiring supports your career in the field of data science. Turing College would like to ensure that your transition to your new career goes as smoothly as possible.

4. An Education that is Data-Driven

Turing College has created a learning management system for teaching analytics to learners; from experienced programmers to beginners. Also, during the course, your performance is measured and compiled into a "performance data report." This report refines your progress and strengths and aspects to develop. This data can be used to fast-track hiring during the employment process.

5. Skills for the Real World

Our courses were co-created with leading tech companies. Learn by practising project-based challenges which were directly drawn from companies. Replicating the environment of working in a team is heightened by 1-on-1's, consultations with senior leads, use of modern tech stack and Agile Scrum.

6. Join a Global Community, Remotely

Turing College is remote-friendly with a solid reputation for preparing learners in the Netherlands and Lithuania. Though we are based in Vilnius, learners can enrol from the members of European Union.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we have all seen companies become more open to remote positions. Our learners will master the tools and methods required to work remotely for companies.


A good mentor advises rather than dogmatizes and encourages their learners. He or she not only helps average learners become good but assists good learners to become great.

7. Inclusivity

We are supporters of diversity and equal opportunity. Our goal is to provide an enriching learning environment for all learners.

Turing College is a place for like-minded folks whose diverse life experiences are seen as strengths. We strive to become what Bletchley Park once was dreamt of, "a meeting place for the brightest minds from a wide variety of scientific fields."

8. The Golden Standard

Our curriculum is designed by using progression frameworks. Progression frameworks are used by top-level companies (e.g. Monzo, Google) to systemise the competencies needed to pursue senior-level positions. We don’t measure GPAs. We measure the maturity of your competencies and potential.

Ensuring the real-world success of learners is an integral part of our business. That is why as a graduate of Turing College, we guarantee that you will be hired.

9. Generalist Education

We prepare you to become a generalist; a person who can easily navigate uncharted territories where rules are not well defined. Many roles, especially ones at small and nimble companies, require the ability to deal with ambiguity, uncertainty, and lack of clear rules. Being a generalist means taking care of business.

10. Promoting a Growth Mindset

We understand the power of a challenge. Turing College sees problem-solving as a great opportunity to develop other skills at an exceptional pace. This is why we grade differently. Instead of failing or succeeding, we choose “ready” or “not yet” as we focus on progress, not on a test score.

A Culture of Research & Innovation

Turing College is a culture that thrives on research and innovation. We put practical experience above all else. Our aim is simple; ensure that content benefits our learners.

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