Intro to data science

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Time to complete depends on your weekly commitment. On average, it takes 4-6 weeks to complete dedicating 10-15 hours per week.

1. Introduction to programming & Python, variables, expressions
2. Conditional statements, control flows, functions
3. Strings, files, lists
4. Dictionaries, tuples
5. Data structures, working with web data
6. Regular expressions, advanced built-in data types
7. Networks, HTTP protocol, APIs
8. Web scraping, BeautifulSoup, static type checking
10. Object Oriented Programming, JSON
11. Poker bot practical project

What’s included in the course fee

  • Curriculum created by experts in Python and data science—specifically designed for future Data Science Career Course students

  • 6 weekly open sessions with our expert data scientist

  • Lifetime access to the curriculum and practice exercises

  • Proprietary learning content, practice exercises, quizzes, and project

  • 1on1 consultation with a mentor, including a review of your final project

  • Preferential Data Science Career application review and admissions fast-tracking upon course completion

“Turing College prepares data scientists who not only excel in theory but also possess real-world skills.”

Eimantas Sabaliauskas

Co-founder of Nord VPN

How admissions work

Is this course for me?

Yes, if you:

Have no coding experience, but are proficient in high-school level mathematics

Are looking for refresher in Python programming or core data science concepts

Have good English skills

A look at some of our reviews

"Turing College is for those who want to master data science."

Edvard Sivickij

Graduated: 2022

"After the course, I was able to get into work and solve real business problems easily."

Ovidijus Kuzminas

Graduated: 2021

"Turing College changed my life forever! Studying at Turing College was one of the best things that happened to me in 2021."

Linda Oranya

Graduated: 2021

“Ideal if you want to kickstart your career in Data Science.”

Romanas Grigorjevas

Graduated: 2021

"Excellent curriculum with even better community."

Titas Janušonis

Graduated: 2022

“Amazing, the program has been rewarding in every sense of it.”

Ifeoma Okoh

Graduated: 2021

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90 hours of learning material to kick-start your Python skills.


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