Alumni program

Who are Turing College Alumni?

Everyone who has passed the trial period, then continued learning at Turing College, and eventually stopped studying can call themselves Turing College Alumni.

Who are Turing College graduates?

Graduate status is reserved for learners that received the Turing College Endorsement, whether they are industry placed or not. All graduates are alumni, but not all alumni are graduates.

What are the perks of being part of Turing College Alumni?

Career mentoring

Turing College wants our learners to excel in their careers consistently after they graduate. This means that we will provide support by answering any career questions that our alumni might have. If possible, we will also help with finding experienced mentors from the data field.

Requirements to apply:
  • Turing College Endorsement

  • Consultations on career-related matters by Turing College staff

  • Getting connected with mentors from the industry for specific questions and topics

Access to industry data experts

Turing College Alumni have an opportunity to get even more insights and perspectives on the data science industry through 1-1 sessions with industry professionals. It is also a great way to gain some useful contacts for your professional network. For opportunities to talk with industry professionals, keep following our Discord channels as we will make announcements there.

Access to Hiring Partners & employment support for graduates

As Turing College Alumni, you’ll have access to up-to-date information from our Hiring Partners. That includes job vacancies, presentations, exclusive meetings.

A chance to become a Senior Team Lead at Turing College

Turing College Alumni have an opportunity to join our community of STLs*. Sharing their experience with new learners, STLs can deepen their own knowledge and shape the future of Turing College.

After a learner successfully graduates from Turing College and gains real-world work experience, they become great candidates to become new STLs. They are the ones best acquainted with our educational model, philosophy, and the content we are teaching. For the right candidates, this is not only an opportunity to earn extra money at a great hourly rate, but also a way to keep in touch with the Turing College community and further develop their skills.

*We do not guarantee that we will accept all candidates.

Requirements to apply:
  • Turing College Endorsement

  • At least 3 modules (ideally all 6) completed

  • 1 year of work experience in a data-related position after graduation

  • Ability to explain soft skills and help others to develop them

  • Experience in a JTL role is a big plus

  • Ability to choose whether to do corrections or lead standups

  • Access to the O’Reilly online platform

  • Access to new versions of the course and all modules

  • Great hourly rate and flexible work hours

Turing College events

Being part of Turing College Alumni means a life-time membership in our community. We organise both in-person and virtual community events:
- Summer event
- Round-table meetings
- Hiring Partners' presentations
- Coffee_Machine_Talks
We’re also planning to organise alumni-exclusive meetups for you to share news and success stories with other former learners.


Turing College is looking to invite alumni to share their expertise and career tips with current learners. We’re planning to organise presentations (like Round-table meetings) and open talks (like Coffee_Machine_Talks) for that.

Alumni communication

Stay connected via Discord! Once learners become alumni, their Discord role changes to "Alumni". They also get access to alumni-only channels, while keeping access to the Career channel.

Alumni also receive emails from on important gatherings, events, open STL positions, and more.